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Make a Difference - Run for ASUNM Office!

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Current Elections Candidates

Spring 2018 Senatorial Candidates

Ballot #


Bio and Basic Information (Submitted by candidates, 20 word maximum)


Selina Montoya

Biochemistry major, political science minor. "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time"- Barack Obama 


Joel Robinson

Together we can bring new found Purpose to UNM, through safety, transparency and inclusion. Vote Purpose for ASUNM Senate. 


Rachel Montoya

I'm not running to 'give a voice to students'. Students already have a voice. I'm running to amplify it. #ImpactASUNM


Téa Salazar


Daniel Acosta

Let's get involved, let me be your voice in ASUNM and together we can bring positive change to this campus!


Jacob Silva

I'm running to be the best student representative I can be and to look out for the students best interests. 


Mohammed Jaber

Mohammed, a pre-med biology student, enriches his academic pursuits with extracurricular activities such as volunteer work, sports, and music.  


Isis Lopez

Isis is a political activist with a track record of grassroots organizing and questioning authority. Elect Isis to #ImpactASUNM


Holly Gallegos

My goal is to listen to underrepresented students at UNM to improve our campus at the individual level. #PurposeUNM


Isez Roybal

I am currently a freshman studying political science. I'd thoroughly love to be elected to senate to better our UNM community. 


Beth Brader

As a disabled student, my focus and passion is ensuring that all students have equal accessibility and visibility. #FixADA #PurposeUNM


Ashlynn Bennett

I intend to promote safety, transparency, and representation in order to bring a renwed sense of purpose to the student experience at UNM. 


Nicholas Martinez

Current sophomore, major is business administration, has a passion for helping people especially in mental health. Running with Purpose. 


Milana Ortega

I look forward to bringing Purpose to campus so we can best represent the student voice.


Melanie Foucault

I am a junior at UNM studying economics and I am also Co-Chair of the Queer Straight Alliance(QSA). 


Jared Lucero

Athlete, Volunteer Firefighter, College Democrat, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Political Science, Entrepreneurship, Creative, Adventurous, Leader


Emerald Goranson

I'm majoring in Psychology, I would love to serve the UNM student body as a senator. 


Gabriel Ruja 

Ruja, a third year Biochemistry major from Texas has his sights set on medical school and is passionate about music. 


Daniel Goodwin 

New Mexico native perusing a Finance degree starting in ASUNM to enact positive changes to our community at all levels.


Sara AlMidany

Sophomore, EMS Major, born and raised in Damascus, Syria. Let's talk about how I can SERVE you. 


Nick Morgan 

My name is Nick Morgan. I am VP of B.L.A.C.K, member of ASUNM Joint Council and student employee in AASS. #BlackAtUNM

For a Spring 2018 Senatorial candidate packet, click here.  Packets are due April 2nd by 5:00 p.m. to SUB room 1016.

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Want to earn up to $178.50 for your student group? Contact the Elections Commission at