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Thank you for a wonderful 2016-2017 election season!

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Current Elections Candidates

Spring 2017 Senatorial Candidates

For a list of chartered student groups endorsing the candidates, click here.

Ballot #PictureNameBio and Basic Information (Submitted by candidates, 20 word maximum)Top Three Goals if Elected (Submitted by candidates, 50 word maximum)


Emily Wilks

Sophomore: Business major (Marketing concentration), Honors minor

I think it's time to actually listen to what our undergraduates have to say and put their words into actions.

As a member of Unity, I want to be able to represent my 1,000 students with confidence that I have their best interests in mind.  As a senator, I want constant communication between myself and student organizations so I know what will help them turn their weaknesses into strengths.


Anand Macherla

Junior: Economics and Statistics major, International Business minor

Anand is a junior studying economics and international business with an affinity for reading, museums, and artisanal foods.

My goals are to emphasize UNM's comparative advantage as a university to incentivize more students to attend, foster an ecosystem of student collaboration through the establishment of Council of Presidents, and expand involvement by creating institutional incentives.


Towfiq Dajani

Sophomore: Accounting major (Pre-Law track)

Dajani is a pre-law student who strides to inspire students of all backgrounds to accel and pursue their passions.

If elected as senator for ASUNM I will have three priorities; helping connect different groups of people at UNM, improving old tedious systems like one-stop, and encouraging student involvement in the community. With support this can make an amazing impact on the UNM community. E-Mail suggestions at #RepYou


Madeline Starkweather

Biology major, Chemistry minorI just want students to be comfortable here at UNM. Hopefully, between encouraging the growth of student-led groups and organizations, increasing the number of fun and different events on campus, and enhancing campus sustainability programs, we all can continue creating memories at a school we take pride in! #FlipYeah


Nalleli Reyes Garcia

Junior: Native American Studies major, Political Science minor

Nalleli is an immigrant from Michoacán, Mexico. She's a junior and is majoring in native American Studies.

My most important goal is to represent the Immigrant students on campus. I want to make sure ethnic organizations are given equal opportunity. And I will make sure racist events and speakers are referred to as what they are because ASUNM is need of diversity and should represent student population.


Payton Sandoval-Belt

First-year: Biochemistry major, HMHV minor
I plan to advocate on behalf of the students of the University of New Mexico, and their interests.
If elected, my main goals as your senator would be to increase community outreach, the sense of safety on campus, and to promote a cleaner campus. The InvolveU slate is committed to making your college experience as wholesome and complete as possible.


Mohammed Jaber

First-year, Biology major
Jaber is a Biology student who aims to unify student voices in order to make a collective effort for change.
If elected as a senator for ASUNM, my top three priorities would be; improving UNM appeal, student involvement with the community, and spreading social awareness. These three topics are very important to me because they only have a positive effect towards UNM. Let's make a change!! #RepYou


Lacy Garner

First-year: Health, Medicine, and Human Values major, Biology minor
I am majoring in Health, Medicine, and Human values and minoring in Biology. I will strive to be your voice.
If elected, I will work diligently to be a voice that accurately represents our student body. The members of the InvolveU slate and I will be engaged in student outreach so that we remain aware of the needs of our fellow Lobos. InvolveU will be committed to maintaining and even


Brandon Weis

Sophomore: Secondary Education major, Sign Language minor
I was student body president in my high school, now I wanna make a difference here at UNM.
I would like to improve sexual assault awareness, equality for all on campus and to create a student safety patrol. #VoteCLEAR 


David Terrazas

I am running for senate to represent all of the hard working students that want a brighter future for UNM.Candidate declined to respond.


Gaelan Montoya

Sophomore: Biology and Political Science double major
I am running for senate to empower any student who wants to see change on campus to be that change.
My three major goals is ASUNM election reform, enhanced student safety and improved student group outreach. I want to change the election process so the senate is more representative of the entire student body. I want to improve senate’s relationship with all other student groups and the entire student body.


Mohammed Assed

First-year: Biology major, Business minor
Assed is running for senator in hopes of representing the minority community at UNM. He's a freshman majoring in biology.
As a senator, I plan to focus my agenda on strengthening the diversity around campus, giving voices to the individuals and to represent my fellows peers with their wants and needs before anything else. For any questions or comments on what you want email me at #RepYou


Myrella Gonzalez

First-year: Population Health and Spanish double major, Family Studies minor
I take great interest in University issues. With experience in student government, I am passionate about student advocacy and representation.
As Senator, I will be an accessible officer that works to create an environment where diversity is celebrated. School pride, student health and student inclusion are all aspects I am passionate about. Ultimately, I hope to fix the issues that hinder students’ pride of being a Lobo.


Emily Hartshorn

First-year: Political Science and History double major
I am running to create lasting change in the SUB through a comprehensive recycling partnership with the vendors.
1. Recycling program for businesses in the SUB. 2. Enhance lighting on campus to improve campus safety, especially around Johnson. 3. Continue the fight for student scholarships.


Jac Hoswell

Sophomore: Political Science and History double major
I'm passionate about giving students a voice within ASUNM, and making sure we keep student orgs involved in our work.
My goals are to improve the way ASUNM communicates with students and students orgs, to protect scholarships for students, and to implement election reform to better represent the voice of undergraduates.


Anna Grinage

I am a freshman this year and I am majoring in Elementary Education, because I love connecting with people andIf elected, I would strive to find ways to improve financial aid for students, because college should be an option for everyone, I would make students' voices heard, and I would try to connect with as many people as possible. 


Satchel Ben

First-year: Finance major
If elected, I will strive to represent all undergraduate students in the democratic process of the senate.
I will work towards a more involved campus by representing and focusing on groups and clubs at UNM with a smaller voice, evolve our campus by pushing for small, but necessary renovations to our buildings, and resolve issues plaguing UNM, like the student drop out rate for first-time students. #InvolveU


Deandra Durham

First-year: Philosophy and International Studies double major
I want Senate to hear your needs, not mine.
UNM should be reflective of its student body and through #UNITY this can be achieved. I hope to make UNM a safe space for all students, through the modernization of campus, financial flexibility for student organizations and the empowerment of the student voice.


Madelyn Lucas

First-year: Biochemistry major, Art Studio minor
I am passionate about medicine and photography. As a member of #InvolveU, I am excited to represent this amazing university.
As an ASUNM Senator, I will work toward creating more funding for extracurricular activities to get students more involved in their non-academic interests. Additionally, there will be improvements to create a safer campus. Finally, I will work to allow students to create majors that will fulfill their diverse interests.


Jorge Rios

First-year: Biology and Psychology double major, Spanish minor
Freshman studying Psychology and Biology, pursuing a career in Child Psychiatry. Involved in greek life, ASUNM agencies, and R.H.A. Lobos!
My top 3 goals if elected as an ASUNM senator would be to empower the student voice with workshops, modernizing the university trough bringing awareness to sexual assault and how to bring it to an end, and making UNM a sanctuary campus so that every Lobo feels safe. #VoteUNITY


Lucas Maestas

Political Science major, Health medicine and Human Values minor
I'm committed to being a voice for all students at UNM and bringing about greater inclusion and outreach to students.
As part of Involve U, it is my goal to bring about greater inclusion and outreach between the student body and their government. I'm committed to making sure that every student organization is represented and funded fairly on campus. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be involved in their Lobo community!


Bryan Cusack

Junior; Political Science Major, Military Science Minor
Being an On-Campus Resident, I am ready to represent our campus community equally as One Campus.
I plan to promote and better the safety of students on campus.  I plan to put students and student organizations first as well as bring power back to the students.  I intend to get students to actively participate on campus.


Theo Pirone-Aufrichtig

Political Science and German
"A feast to which many contribute is better than a dinner provided out of a single purse…" -Aristotle
As a member of Unity I have taken the pledge to fight tooth and nail to properly fund student organizations as I have done and will continue to do. I will hold Agency's and ASUNM institutions accountable during their budgetary process. I pledge to modernize UNM, security cameras in dark


Kaylie Huizenga

Sophomore: Organizational Communications major, Psychology minor
Communicator. Thinker. Lover of all things UNM. Passionate for helping others. Believer that everyone is equal regardless of circumstance.
As Unity, we hope to increase financial flexibility for student organizations, as well as modernize the University, and empower the student voice.


Nick Chavez

I'm Steven Nicholas Chavez, a junior business major. I'm local and want to create an environment that heavily involves students.
Candidate declined to respond.


Pachely Mendivil

As a senator, I will push to renovate or repair current faults found within UNM's facilities through smart budget reallocations.
InvolveU’s objective is to acknowledge three main points: Involve, Evolve, and Resolve. The amount of diversity within our slate is representative of what we want ASUNM and its senate to reflect. This transformation, or evolution, of ASUNM’s composition is our medium of resolution to and for UNM’s undergraduate students.


Becka Myers

Sophomore: Political Science and French
With two years of experience in student organizations and ASUNM, Becka now wants to empower the undergraduate voice as a senator.
Unity's top three goals are to make unm a sanctuary campus; safe for all students. fair finances for student organizations, and to empower the student voice so that each student is represented fairly.


Jack Hodge

Junior: Economics and Political Science double major, Arts Management minor
I am running for senate to defend the lottery scholarship and to improve safety for all UNM students.
Clear will work to protect scholarships for students, improve safety around campus, and make sure that ASUNM is financially transparent.


Derrek Sena

First-year: Mass Communications major (Media Studies concentration), Political Science minor
I'm a freshman majoring in communications an political science and I'm running to give all students fair representation on campus.
I intend to ensure that ALL students and student organizations have equal representation on campus, designate UNM as a sanctuary campus, and initiate a modernization of UNM, by updating the security of the campus by fixing cameras/emergency poles and to provide gender neutral restrooms. #UNITY


Jacob Henderson

As a senator I plan to allow students more access to their government and to make an impact.
1. To make senate more accessible to students 2. To help student organizations expand their outreach to students to provide a better since of community here at UNM 3. To manage funding and see to it that student funding is going in appropriate areas concerning the students.


Jonathan "JJ" Jenkins

First-year: Computer Science major
My top three goals if I am elected would be 1. To start a third safety patrol that is trained with members of ASUNM. 2. Would be to make sure every student knows how to maintain their scholarships no matter what type it is. and 3. To make the campus 


Holly Gallegos

Sophomore: Signed Language Interpreting and Foreign Languages double major
I am running to further develop my leadership skills while further developing the UNM campus.
Help promote a safer campus by creating an ASUNM student safety patrol and increasing the amount of lights that are turned on at night around Johnson Field. My second goal is to make UNM more eco-friendly by starting recycling and composting initiatives around campus, especially in the Student Union Building.


Monique Schmitz-Martinez

Sophomore: Organizational Communications major, Psychology minor
I want to be clear with students on the resources they can utilize to become involved at UNM.
My top 3 goals would include helping students with the financial process for student organizations, improving student safety such as having Johnson Field lights on longer, and making it clear to students just how many student organizations are available to join.


Noor Kahalah

First-year: Biochemistry major
Noor Kahalah is a biochemistry major who hopes to help student-led organizations thrive in the UNM community.
Being a part of RepYou, we will strive to better represent the campus community through student involvement, help work on bystander intervention, and to ensure student organizations succeed. We want to #RepYou


Jordan Montoya

First-year: Emergency Medical Services and  Biology double major
Freshman leader with previous experience in ASUNM. Plans to build a stronger connection between students and student government.
 If elected, I want to create fluidity between ASUNM and UNM students. I want to make sure all student organizations have the opportunity to receive proper funding for success. In addition, I want to work on modernizing the campus and enabling student voices to be heard on campus.

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Want to earn up to $178.50 for your student group? Fill out the Poll Worker Application at the following link: Click Here