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Current Elections Candidates

Fall 2017 Senatorial Candidates

Ballot #PictureNameBio and Basic Information (Submitted by candidates, 20 word maximum)Top Three Goals if Elected (Submitted by candidates, 50 word maximum)


Deandra Durham

"EMPOWER your voice to make ASUNM accountable through fair representation and finacial transparency." 


Mohammed Assed

"As Senator, I will represent the students' wants and needs by listening to our students and acting on their behalf."
"I will work my hardest to represent the every-day students here at UNM. First thing, we need to update our Lobo App. It’s time our app reflects what we can do. We should be able to buy sporting tickets online! Vote Think UNM!"


Jared Pollock

"UNM student striving to make a positive impact on the university with dedication, hard work, and integrity."
"As a senator I would like to make a positive impact on my campus using the voices of the entire student body not just a select few. Using there opinion I will use an power I have to make decisions in the students best interests."


Brandon Bennett

"As a non-traditional student, I bring a unique voice to our senate.  Because, a diverse UNM is MY UNM." 


Molly Callaghan

"I care about issues affecting our diverse campus. It's time to think critically about safety, sustainability, and financial responsibility." 
"My goals and the goals of the ThinkUNM slate include making the UNM app more efficient to provide more services for students such as easy access to game tickets, improving sustainability, and creating a more inclusive environment for all students and organizations."


Rocky Cordova

"I am running for Senate because I think I can make a positive change for UNM."


Jorge Rios

"Current ASUNM Outreach & Appointments senator and Residence Hall Association President. Sophomore majoring in Chemistry and Psychology. Go UNM!"
"If re-elected as an ASUNM Senator, I want to reach out to under-represented students on campus by advocating for inclusivity around campus with gender-neutral restrooms in all buildings. Out-of-state students, International Students, Low-Income Students, LGBTQI+ Students, and everyone else, I want students to know their voices WILL be heard. Lobos!"


Ona-Rain Morgan

"I feel confident in serving the students on issues they care about because I myself have faced those issues." 
"My main goal as senator is to ensure freshmen students feel connected to the university even after NSO. My other goals include fostering a love for UNM both with in state and out of state students and making ASUNM more accessible to the everyday student." 


Satchel Ben

"My major is finance, and I'm on the ASUNM Finance committee, and am a sponsor for 17 clubs and orgs!"
1) Have ASUNM Senate remain fiscally responsible through unbiased treatment.
2) Push towards higher usage of renewable energy throughout main campus.
3) Increase amount of organizations represented through ASUNM by emphasizing availability of appropriations and budgets.


Kayla Montez

"Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. I took the rail-runner down to UNM."


Emily Hartshorn

"Sustainability, accountability, and election reform. Current Senator who wants to continue to make change"
"A greener campus: fiscally and environmentally. Create comprehensive reform that will emphasize recycling and renewable energy. Give more money back to the students through awareness about what ASUNM can do for the students." 


Landon Taylor

"UNM Sophomore is confident that he can bring his admiration for the progression of the university to student government."
"Being able to represent the university on behalf of the study body comes with a great amount of power. As a senator, I plan on embracing this privilege by reaching out to students I’ve failed to in the past. I plan on embracing my inner wolf and improving the pack."


Nadine Oglesby

"I am a Junior actively participating in Army ROTC and majoring in a BLA of Health Policy and Personal Development." 
"I’m a junior working on a BLA degree in Health Policy and personal development. I️ am an active member in the national guard, participant in Army ROTC, and kappa kappa gamma sorority. I️ am running to make this campus a better place and to be a good role model for young women wanting to pursue leadership roles."


James Campbell III

"Collective UNM will strive and fight for a green campus, an inclusive campus, and a safe campus. Vote Collective UNM!"
1. Foster student engagement with ASUNM through financial workshops, and guide student groups through the appropriations process.
2. Facilitate a push towards more sustainable and green university practices, and advocate for more recycling bins outside the core of campus.
3. Ensure student money is being appropriately handled and disbursed.


Navalyn R. Platero

"Yáʼátʼééh, shí éí Navalyn but you can call me Bob. Senior studying Native American Studies & Philosophy. Navajo. Apache. Woke."


Arlin Bustillos

"When I THINK about public service at UNM I center around three major pillars: Sustainability, campus safety and budget.
"UNM policy should reflect student values, and I stand on sustaining our student services by making a public forum. All students should have access to the breakdown of our tuition. If that means the THINK slate has to stand up to the Board of Reagents, then so be it."


Madelyn Lucas

"I am a second-year biochemistry major, photography minor, and highly involved student with ambitions to represent our diverse student body."
"As an ASUNM Senator, I will ensure better appropriation of funding to fulfill the diverse passions of students, support legislation that moves UNM towards a ranking in environmental sustainability, and increase physical and mental safety by proposing projects that draw awareness to resource centers and encourage students to report incidents."


Libertie Green

"With a passion for positive change on campus, I will support sustainability, inclusivity and financial responsibility. Vote Collective UNM! 
"As a student senator I hope to achieve higher levels of financial transparency and sustainability on campus. UNM needs a push from the student body to take a step in the right direction towards green energy, and making sure our student fees are being reallocated correctly."


Samuel Eze

"EMPOWER your voice to make ASUNM accountabke through fair representation and finacial transparency." 


Morgan Mitchell

"As a university Senator, I will deliver what UNM students desire, to lead and engage students in their college career." 


Jacob Silva

"I'm majoring in political science and plan to make UNM a safer, informative, well represented, and spirited university!" 
"UNM has such a diverse campus with student thoughts/opinions ranging widely. I would like to represent ALL students in such a way that they feel their voice is being heard. Also that student fees actually benefit the students in each way. Finally expanding the sustainability of UNM throughout campus!"


Summer Begay

"I am a Junior, passionate about human rights, foreign policy and promoting diversity." 
 "Hello, my name is Summer Begay. As an elected Senator, I will work to improve the Wi-Fi on Main campus to ensure academic excellence, improve diversity through representation to include ethnic minorities, and combat assault and harassment by working with UNM Police and additional resources. Thank you."


Holly Gallegos 

"My goal is to listen to under-represented students at UNM to improve our campus at the individual level." 


Madeline Kee

"I am a very passionate person. I hope to become a lawyer after attending law school." 
"My goal as senator is to make a positive impact at UNM by getting students involved to create a safe diverse community by creating a more effective app for the students that will help with campus safety, sustainability, and lobo game tickets. I️ will also be addressing budget issues that have been an ongoing problem and will get to the bottom of where our tuition is going."


Pablo Nic Lasso

 "EMPOWER your voice to make ASUNM accountable through fair representation and finacial transparency." 


Rose Cary

"It's time for ASUNM to take action on the important campus issues. Think safety, sustainability, and finacial responsibility."
"My there goals as a senator are to help make UNM campus safer, help create financial clarity, and help increase environmental sustainability. These are three things I feel many UNM students, including myself, would like to see happen."


Jacob M. Rivera

"I love being involved on campus and my plan is to make greater impact on campus through Senate."


Lucas Maestas 

"As a current finance senator it has always been my goal to fight for student organizations on campus. I will continue to advocate for legislation and finances that fairly represent the student Organizations. Also, I will continue to make sure that all students have their voices heard and represented!" 

For a Fall 2017 Senate candidate packet, click here.  Packets are due October 30th by 5:00 p.m. to SUB room 1016.

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