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Senatorial Election Day is Wednesday, April 19th!

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Current Elections Candidates

Presidential Candidates

Ballot #PictureNameBio and Basic Information (Submitted by candidates)Top Three Goals if Elected (Submitted by candidates)


Elena GarcíaElena García

Sophomore; Business Major, Spanish Minor.

I'm a sophomore, studying Business and Spanish. I love volleyball, soccer, Harry Potter, and being a Lobo!

If elected, we want to bridge the gap between students and ASUNM. We will make sure student organizations have what they need to be successful, we want to make athletics a defining aspect of our University, and we want every student to be able to find their home at UNM.


Noah BrooksNoah Brooks

Junior; Economics Major, Arabic Minor.

Noah Brooks has the passion and experience to serve you the student. Noah WILL make our campus ONE UNM.

ONE UNM will work to end sexual assault by getting more blue poles. We will also fix the advisement website and work to make UNM a destination university.


Gabe GallegosGabe Gallegos

Junior; Political Science and Strategic Communications Double major.

I'm running because I believe the voice of #EveryLobo can have an important impact on campus and in the community.

As President, I want to better connect the campus through more funding for student organizations, collaborating with the community to address financial struggles, and mobilizing our campus around important issues facing our university. 


Justin CooperJustin Cooper

Junior; International Management and Marketing Major, Spanish Minor.

My mission is to give students a clear view about how ASUNM can help us have the best college experience.

Myself, Mike Landgraf, and the Vote Clear team want to make sure that ASUNM is a CLEAR voice for all students on campus. Providing additional funding to support student groups in times of need, create a Student Safety Patrol Agency to work with UNMPD, and promote Lobo Pride on campus!

Vice-Presidential Candidates

Ballot #PictureNameInformation (Submitted by candidates)Top Three Goals if Elected (Submitted by candidates)


Sally MidaniSally Midani

Junior; Biochemistry and Political Science Double Major, Health, Medicine, and Human Values Minor.

Sally, previous finance chairwoman and student advocate, has the passion and experience to help make this campus #ONEUNM.

As a part of ONE UNM, Noah Brooks and I hope to empower students on our campus to reach their fullest potential. By improving advisement and bringing an end to sexual assault, we hope to make UNM a destination university that students across the globe seek to attend.


Michael LandgrafMichael Landgraf

Junior; Economics Major, Business Minor (Anderson 3-2 program).

My mission is to promote equality, transparency, and civil rights while cultivating a dedicated, courageous group of ASUNM Senators.

I will always strive for transparency by publishing budgets, appropriations, legislation, and resolutions. I will develop my senators to be knowledgeable, resourceful, and courageous leaders. I will develop outreach programs for the #21stCentury which will reach more students, increase engagement and provide quantitative feedback of how ASUNM is performing.


Jonathan SanchezJonathan SanchezI'm Jonathan Sanchez, a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering. I am into sports & I love to hang out with friends.Candidate declined to respond.


Sydnie O'ConnellSydnie O'Connell

Junior; Communications and English Double Major.

I am running to empower students to have a voice at UNM and to make sure it impacts our community.

If I elected I want to empower students to have a voice that is not only heard but has an impact on our university. I plan to collaborate with resources at UNM to identify problems and find solutions and to connect students to the right avenues to ensure their success. 


The Spring 2017 Senatorial Candidates will be listed here when they are available.

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ASUNM Elections Commission

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1 University of New Mexico
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Physical Location:
Student Union Building
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Phone: (505) 277-5528

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